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Ginger Lemon Tea Recipe


Ginger Lemon Tea is a very simple and healthy beverage. Since it is made with lemon and ginger, with no milk added at all, you can add any sweetner of your choice, either add honey or brown sugar as well. When you need that extra zing in your day, try this recipe out and you will feel the freshness returning with every sip that you take.

Enjoy this Ginger Lemon Tea with any healthy snacks for your evening tea.


This Ginger Lemon Tea has so many health benefits in them as well.


Increase immunity

Rich in antioxidants

Helps in weightloss

Good for healthy heart

Good for stomach and liver

Good for skin


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Ingredients for Ginger Lemon Tea Recipe


2 cups Water

1/2 teaspoons tea leaves

1  Lemon juice

1 inch Ginger  grated

1 pinch salt

2 teaspoons Sugar or Honey , to taste (optional)

6-8 Mint leaves

How to make Ginger Lemon Tea Recipe


1. To start with Ginger Lemon Tea Recipe, take a teapan and start heating water on a medium heat.

2. Once the water starts boiling, add the grated or crushed ginger and black tea leaves.

3. After 2 minute more of boiling add brown sugar and pinch of salt give it a good boil.

Turn off the heat.

4. Strain the tea into the tea cups and then add the lemon juice and mint leaves.

5. Add honey to taste (only as a sweetener, you can completely skip it if you did not add sugar earlier), give it a swirl and serve.

Serve and enjoy simple Ginger Lemon Tea.


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